An article written by Olayemi Olabenjo

To answer this question on translation and/or interpretation, a major term that forms the basis of these two activities must first be considered, and that term is “communication”.

Communication connotes giving expression to our thoughts, ideas, knowledge. It connotes passage of information from one or more entities to another. For human beings to live together and interact from time to time, communication is essential. And in order for an entity or group to communicate effectively with another entity or group, mutual understanding must be in place. Imagine a French-speaking individual trying to communicate in his/her language with another individual of English origin who has no knowledge of a single word in French. The frustration the two would experience could be well imagined!

Communication would certainly be an impossible task for the two! This is where a translator or interpreter can save the day. Such a hitherto impossible task has suddenly become so much of a possibility that many people the world over now take it for granted. The art of translation and interpretation has made it easy for anyone, no matter where they are located, to communicate freely with another person in an entirely different location, no matter the
distance. Communication barrier has been totally removed.

Translators/interpreters aid effective communication in client-customer negotiations, in employer-employee relationship, in intercultural orientation, in doctor-patient relationship, and in several other areas of life that are too
numerous to mention. The barrier in relationships worldwide has been broken, and communication made easier through translation/interpretation.

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Kudos to Translators and Interpreters out there doing wonderful jobs! Thanks for breaking the barrier!



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