Translation field is not a field in which you till, plant and harvest same day. You need to pay your dues, you need to follow principles and you need to do them diligently.

There are trainings you need to attend to last long and become a successful professional in the industry.  More importantly, I like you to pay attention to the following ten tips:


  1. You need good communication skills to deal with clients and colleagues. Bad communicators don’t fit in well.


  1. You need to have a good negotiation skill. If you don’t know the best rate for your services, do a diligent check to know the rate in your field of services.


  1. You need to know how to hunt for clients, yes. Who knows who until you scout for clients? If you don’t promote your services and write to prospective clients, how do they know you exist?


  1. You need to be on the right platforms and understand the rules for each and all platforms.


  1. You need to make your voice heard on the platforms you belong to, don’t just be a reader only without any knowledge to contribute and when contributing, it should be related and meaningful.


  1. Always send reminders to your group[s], client[s] and colleagues to follow up on correspondences.

  1. Learn all the necessary skills in your field of service. Don’t live in stone-age when others are in the tech/AI age, otherwise, you will be the loser.


  1. Learn the necessary tools and update your knowledge periodically.. Do not be like the farmer that still uses cutlasses when others use mechanized tools.


  1. Upgrade and update your knowledge and education. If you need to go back to school, kindly do so; but it should be relevant to the services you render.


  1. Read relevant articles that will aid your professionalism. Don’t be the other guy in the park who…..?

‘Tosin Adebomeyin
MD/CEO , Splendidtranslations Nig. Ltd.
Lagos, Nigeria.