The need to win more clients to your organisation cannot be over-emphasised because they are the soul of business.  Therefore, I am going to share with you eight tips that can help you to attract more users to your language business.

  1. Promotion Strategy

You need to put in place a good promotion strategy to reach your clients.  These include:

  • Business cards – Print and distribute your business cards to potential customers.
  • Advertisement – Announce your services in your local newspaper.
  • Referrals – Ask existing customers to recommend you to others.
  • Direct mails – Send direct mails to potential customers, and let them know how your services can benefit their businesses.
  • Directories – Register your business in relevant directories of industries that might need your services.
  1. Attractive Website

Set up a website for your business, and let potential customers know the benefits they will gain by patronizing your services.  The website, in design and content, should attract both the search engines (SEO) and human traffic. You can achieve this by keeping it up-to-date, providing useful information, making it interactive, and including clients’ testimonials.

  1. Target Your Market

Study and understand the socio-economic characteristics of your target market. These include culture, language, style, interests, economy, polity, and the peculiarities of each geographical area.  On this basis you can consider the following:

  • Offer to speak in a meeting of the local business club.
  • Write articles in the local newspapers on how clients can benefit from your services.
  • Send a press release in the newspapers concerning your language business.

You can also build a public profile that lists your skills, experiences, contact information; and   appeal to the deep needs of your target audience.

  1. Creative Presentations

Be innovative and unique in your presentations.  Use persuasive words  or  words that talk about reassuring, caring, saving or making money.  For example, words like ‘Special’, ‘Proven’, ‘Love’, or ‘Reduced’ will add value to your writings.

  1. Be Current With The Industry

You must keep abreast of developments in the language service industry.  Read about new technologies on machine translation, computer-aided tools, artificial intelligence, and localization strategies.  These will help to enhance your service delivery.

  1. Attend Professional Conferences

Your participation in workshops, seminars, and conferenceswill bring you into contact with other professional colleagues and potential clients. These fora will provide opportunities to distribute your business card, network, and update your knowledge about new developments in the language industry.

  1. Social Media Network

Maximise the existing social media facilities to attract new clients. Examples are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn.  Constantly, relay your message to target clients through them until it registers in their consciousness.

  1. Conflict Management

Conflict exists in every relationship, and the way it is managed determines its final impact.  When you have to disagree with your client, do so winsomely and retain your relationship. A marketing principle says that you should never allow your customers to try your competitors, otherwise you may lose them.

A diligent consideration of the above points should expand your client base.

Samson Adeyekun is the MD/CEO of Business Health Support, Lagos.
Phone: +234 816 581 8592
Language Pair: English<>Yoruba<>Pidgin English